APEX Performance Driving School Programs

Our complete series of performance driving school programs offer a full selection of levels to choose from. Whether you are a teen just starting out your driving life wanting to learn the basics of driving along with total car control or a season veteran honing your skills to win your next National Championship, Apex has what you need to make it happen. Check out all our programs below.


Level One – Performance Driving 101

One Full-Day High Performance Driving Course

This intensive one-day driving program is tailored to everyone from a novice driver to a seasoned veteran. It is arguably the most important program in the Apex series of programs. Designed to drastically improve your knowledge of basic vehicle dynamics and the core fundamentals of performance driving, this Level One program will provide you the foundation from which to unlock your true potential as a driver, both on the road and on the track.

The day begins with a driver’s meeting and brief classroom session, Driver Dynamics 101, covering the core fundamentals of high-performance driving including basic vehicle dynamics, seating position, and understanding of the driving line. Participants then begin a series of rotations through learning modules such as the Triple S (Slalom, Speed, Stop) and the Figure-8. Our Lunch ‘n Learn session includes a catered lunch and will offer a debrief of the morning sessions as well as set a foundation for the afternoon schedule. After lunch, participants will learn the basics of walking an autocross course, then set out to tackle the Autocross Challenge before wrapping up the day with a closing debrief meeting. Will you win the Challenge? Maybe so…and we might have a special prize for the winner.

Consider this program as an investment. Just as you might spend thousands of dollars on upgrading suspension, tires, or your engine, you must also consider investing in the nut behind the wheel. If you are looking to drop your times on course and become a more consistent as well as safe driver, Apex will be your all-time best investment you ever make.

Maximum 2 drivers per car.


Price: $295 per driver

Apex Level One

Level Two – The Mental Challenge

One Full-Day High Performance Driving Course

You’ve mastered the fundamentals of high performance driving in our Level One program, and now you’re ready to step up your mental game. Our Level Two program takes a deep dive into the mental preparation it takes to improve your lap times on the autocross course as well as the racetrack. Students will quickly discover that driving at a high-performance level takes more mental strength than it does physical.

Advanced visual and mental exercises will be used throughout the day to help students become a more proactive driver and a much less a reactive driver. Students will experience multiple, challenging course designs to reinforce the importance of “looking ahead” becoming an integral part of their muscle memory.

Come prepared to be challenged. This program will be tailored to each student’s skill level, from true beginner to seasoned veteran driver. At the end of the day, you will drive away a much more mentally prepared and confident driver ready to tackle any twisty road, autocross course, or racetrack you encounter.

As this program utilizes skills built upon from Level One, students will need to have first completed the Level One program.  Level Two will reinforce the fundamentals learned in Level One but will be covered quickly and early in the program before moving ahead to more advanced concepts and strategies.

Maximum 2 drivers per car.


Price: $295 per driver

Porsche 944 on course - point

Level Three – Max Performance

One Full-Day High Performance Driving Course

You’ve taken our Level One and Two programs and had the instructors pat you on the back. Now it’s time for Apex’s most advanced school and your biggest challenge: Max Performance.

Our Max Performance program is a full-day course that’s built to push you to your absolute limit and possibly beyond. We will get you out of your comfort zone. Our professional instructors will also be pushed to their limits, and we encourage you to utilize everything you have learned through our first two Levels as well as the skills learned through the Max Performance curriculum to catch them.

You will encounter higher speeds on longer courses with more challenging elements than in our Level One and Two programs. Your mental and visual skills will be put to the test while learning advanced driving techniques through the day forcing you to push yourself to your and your vehicle’s maximum performance.

In-car video and data acquisition will also be utilized at this level to further reinforce the importance of line choice, smoothness in inputs, control of weight transfer, and be able to compare your runs to one of our professional instructors.

Will you end up faster than your instructor? If you do, there may be a special prize from your instructor at the end of the day. ?


Price: $295 per driver

Fiesta ST on autocross course

Teen Driving School – The Basics

One Full-Day Teen Driving Course

This one full-day driving course focuses on how a teenage driver’s behavior affects the car they are driving. Teens will learn how to panic brake to avoid obstacles, execute emergency lane change maneuvers and in a real wake-up call, attempt to drive while distracted. In the end, students will put it all together on our Teen Autocross Challenge Course. Expect lots of laughs, eye-opening moments and more than a few Insta-worthy moments.

Maximum 2 drivers per car.


Price: $199 per driver

Teen on autocross course - Apex

“Twelve out of ten!”

Rick S. - Level One Student

“Simply the best money spent to improve my times!”

Roger J. - Level One Student

“It was absolutely killer!”

Carly W. - Teen Driving Student

Daytona Apex School

Across the Nation

We have schools scheduled all across the nation. Check our schedule page for a location near you. If you don’t see one local to you, encourage your local club or region to contact us to schedule a school.

Safe and Educational

Each course is designed to not only make you a better driver, but to increase the enjoyment you get from driving. You will learn new skills in a completely safe environment; skills that will help keep you safe for the rest of your driving life.

Professional Instructors

Not only are they all amazing drivers, they are also brilliant communicators and down to earth people. Their sole focus is ensuring you have a truly rewarding experience.

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